rosy nails

rosy nails


Cute french love nail art

Hi Gorgiess!!!

Have a date tomorrow and still not yet prep your nails??? Don’t stress much! This cute and simple nail art design can do the magic!


Steps –

1.Start by applying a fast drying base coat to protect your natural nails. Let dry.

2. Make a french with blue nail paint or you can use any color you like – may be the color matching your dress will look pretty. Let dry.

NB: Avoid using a base coat if you are making the french manicure with tape.

2. With a contrasting color make small hearts on the side of your french.

3. Seal with a top coat and that’s it!! 🙂

Thanks for the read.

Take care.

Hi folks!

I am Surjalata and I am here for NAIL ART! Oh yes!!!

As its my first post lets make it short and simple – Lets share and learn!


Take care